Hi there!

You’ve landed at my internet home. I provide intuition, Reiki and mentoring, along with a host of other tools to provide support and witness. I won’t tell you my service is the answer to your problem.  I show up, in love and openness, with all the resources that entails.
It is the answer to some people’s call.

I’m in the middle of restructuring and clarifying, so I don’t know quite what this will look like when it’s finished. However…

If you have landed here, perhaps you’re feeling compelled to do what it takes to up-level your relationship with yourself.

I’m glad you came.

While I finish up figuring out the next iteration of this web space, I’ll leave you with this:

You know how women often struggle with –

  • feeling vaguely dissatisfied how life can look good on the outside; but feeling pulled toward something more true on the inside
  • saying ‘no’ to others/yes to self, without guilt
  • having read all the books but being stuck in the same patterns; knowing it’s not about more information

I get it. The access point may be through a nagging something, usually in one or more of the major life areas. But a bullet list of how to make that thing better isn’t going to cut it anymore. What you’re looking for is someone to gently keep their hand to your back and usher you through to a more grounded, real way to relate to yourself truthfully, which in turn changes how you relate to everything. Working with me creates space for figuring out how to stop working so hard at “figuring” and return to listening, trusting and knowing.

Right now, you can do a few things to help figure out if you’d like to spend more time in my circle:
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    • If you haven’t already connected with me in the Facebook world, you can click through to “Like” my biz page. I use that space to spool out off-the-cuff inspirations or share uplifting bits I find around the web.
  • You can also click right here, or follow the link for “Work With Me” at the top of the page.
    • As I said, there’s restructuring going on around here, but the heart of what I do still aligns with what you’ll find there. I use the resources available to me to foster heightened awareness and deeper connection.