Work with Me

Fulfillment from the inside out

When we work together, I hold space and intention:

  • To be free from constant overwhelm and frustration.
  • To be full of trust and curiosity for your experience.
  • To remember your truth resides within you, not out there.

Here you will feel held, witnessed, listened to without judgment.

If you’re ready to step towards wholeness, and sit quietly in the center of your soul’s deep wisdom, I’m here.


In person or distant Reiki

::Single sessions=$50
  • Deep relaxation
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Reconnect to yourself
  • Spiritual pampering

Sessions are roughly 45-60 minutes depending on the needs and the energy. We can meet in person or via Skype/telephone. Click here to schedule.

Intuitive Readings

::Single sessions=$75

These are designed for quick perspective shifts based on a specific situation that’s giving you trouble. We invite Reiki or not, depending on your preference. While the focus is on situational problem solving, intuitive reflections often reveal how the situation you bring to the session fits into your life-long learning.

Sessions are roughly 60-90 minutes. We can meet in person or via Skype/telephone. Click here to schedule.

Deep Dive Mentoring

::One month=$150* ::Unlimited email support
*Six month commitment recommended. Discount available for commitments 3 months and longer. See below for pricing philosophy.

This program is designed for you when you’re ready to figure out long-standing patterns that no longer serve you. It’s about personal mastery. It’s about clearing the masks and the numbing. If you are working hard to hide what hurts, you are also hiding your source of deep joy. We work deeply on the skill of listening to yourself, stepping into who you are and respecting your inner wisdom.

This program supports your commitment to yourself. While one-off sessions are often the perfect thing, they are used sporadically and it can be easy to forget or put off in a busy schedule. When you enter the Deep Dive process you commit to showing up to do the work on a regular basis, gaining traction and momentum as you build new habits of perspective and self-care.

Once we dive underneath and clear away all the debris, the result is a radical whole-life shift in perspective. You are left able to meet life challenges that once overwhelmed and frustrated you with greater ease and curiosity. The habit of gratitude becomes easier as does meeting your goals naturally because you’re less inclined to fight within yourself. You deeply trust your inner wisdom vs. being bandied around by external circumstance.

Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes. We meet at least twice/month in person or via Skype/telephone. Click here to schedule.

If you are feeling compelled to start your journey back to your true self, there is no time like the present. There is a reason. Get in touch with me here if you have questions or would like to schedule a free visit. It’s not scary, I promise!

*Pricing Philosophy:

As with most things I do around here, pricing is fluid, flexible and intuitive, based on what works best for you.  The Deep Dive fee is variable when a commitment of more than three months is made.

What’s costly to one person may be a drop in the bucket for another. I encourage you to find price resonance for you.  There is an amount specific to you that feels like you are paying for something important. Your right price creates a value in the work which encourages you to stay committed.

Finding that price is a powerful first step in listening to yourself. There is absolutely no attachment or judgment from my end on your decision. Some people feel moved to pay more. This makes room for those who are not able to pay as much, but have a strong desire to do the work. I want to share with as many as possible.

It’s deeply important to me that people who are called and committed to do this internal work are able to find a safe place to do it with someone that inspires them, regardless of financial status.  Each person who shifts their life into a sweet spot of comfort and purpose profoundly changes the energy around them and becomes a force for further good.

Each time that happens, the world shifts a little bit. That’s important.

Interested in learning more?  By all means, head over here to request a few minutes of my time to tune in or to request further information.


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