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What is it?

The vision for Soul Salon is monthly meditation+camaraderie+discussion. It is usually loosely centered around a theme. You are not obliged to show up every month, just as the topic or spirit moves you.

Signing up will get you a monthly invite for upcoming gatherings. This may include highlights or resources shared at the previous gathering, or perhaps some suggestions for reading, watching or practicing, or journal prompts to explore before our gathering. When we come together we’ll share a meditation, experiential work and ideas around our topic, and whatever else bubbles up. Most gatherings we also ask for Nods and Nudges from spirit using oracle/tarot cards.

Why should you join Soul Salon?FB Soul Salon defined

Because you’ve been wondering where you could find a place to hang out with a bunch of wise women that ponder the deeper questions. You’d like to find a comfortable community to explore your soul practice and how that fits into the busy-ness of the everyday life. Because support and some light learning would feel good in your soul.

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