What they’re saying

Surrender has made all the difference
As a woman with grown children, I’ve fought the same battles my entire life.  To have someone hear what you say and then help you to find your own voice is liberating and validating.  It is an exciting journey towards understanding and self love.  I am in a very soft place now, thanks to your help.  It’s a process to remind myself to feel, be mindful and to be kind to myself.  The internal strides I’ve made are amazing.  The external doesn’t reflect the internal changes yet but the process continues.  The awareness to surrender has made all the difference.

Organized my parenting tools
Christi is wonderful. She has such a gift! Christi is able to facilitate the dialogue one should have with one’s self, but don’t because you think it’s weird to talk to yourself. She helps you articulate your inner struggles and work through them. With her guidance, I have been able to figure out MY parenting-style and more importantly get okay in my head with being a parent. I’m not perfect. I never will be the perfect parent. However, I’m confident that I have the tools to help nurture my children into the best individuals E. and L. can be. I have always had those tools, but Christi helped me organize them in my tool belt. I’m prepared to take on any parenting adventure! Thank you my friend, my coach, my guru.

Feeling inner peace with the journey

I began face-to-face sessions with CJ about a year ago.  I wasn’t satisfied with my career, but just seemed stuck in a rut of “nothing like that [new career move] can be done in this community”.  CJ’s earnest listening style and gently prodding questions have opened up my mind to allowing myself to explore some “what if …” scenarios about how my future could look, or if I really even want them to look that way.  The verbalization of my inner thoughts allowed some mental roadblocks to fall away, and I allowed myself to non-stressfully go with my inner flow of intuitions and desires.  I set up some goals for avenues to explore, and although I haven’t arrived at any outstanding final conclusions, I’m feeling an inner peace with the journey and a happiness at moving forward.  On her web site, CJ talks about a person’s wiseness and finding one’s own truth.  I think that is what is aiding in my happiness – that I feel like I’m learning about myself and what is the essence of “me”.  I want to keep learning about myself, and see where it takes me.  CJ opened up my ability to see the beauty in this.
Jill S.