LaPorte’s Burning Question: What do you suck at?




Today, Danielle LaPorte’s burning question was timely, in a week with its fair share of suckosity.

What do you suck at?

Let me see, I suck at…

  1. Cleaning house. I’m totally fine with that.
  2. Doing anything daily.
  3. Feeling things in real time. It was taught right out of me, but I’m better now.
  4. Being dogmatic.
  5. Not caring when people are hurting.
  6. Following through on house projects. That’s why my guy and I are a good team.
  7. Ignoring the magic of nature. That suckosity is going to cause a car crash one day.
  8. Cooking awful food.

Eight is enough

That feels like a good number for today. I can own those things. I find support for the ones that matter (thank you to the oh-so-sweet ladies that clean my house!) and let the rest be. They are just part of me.

Grateful for the question today.

Your turn!!

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