Water: Are you ready to float?

Water flowing from bamboo spout.


Prompted by Tara’s gorgeous post, I finally made space in my day to be in the water. Over the past couple of weeks, all the symbolism in my life has been water related. From feeling like I could no longer tread, drowning; to being reminded of the difference between that and softening, floating. I can’t drink enough of it. I’ve craved baths, which is unusual for me.  I’ve had pullings to get myself to the lake.

A big cleansing is going on around here.

So out I went today, to stand in big water. Even as I came around the corner and it came into view, my heart made a little leap of anticipation. I walked along the shore. I stood in it and let it lap at me while the sun shone on my face and the breeze pushed me. The soft lapping sounds stilled my mind. I meditated and grounded. My feet disappeared as I became one with the silt beneath them.


Where can you soften into what’s hard right now?

Where can you float instead of sculling wildly?

And even in the middle of the hard, can you feel the breeze, turn your face up and allow the sun to warm your eyelids?


If you’re being called to soften, to learn to flip onto your back and float in the warm pool of your life, I am honored to offer support. Maybe you’re feeling like right now a life jacket is what you need. Perhaps all you need is someone to gently guide you into the ideal position because floating feels awkward.

I’m here if you’re ready.






7 Replies to “Water: Are you ready to float?”

    1. Hi Toni. Thanks for stopping by.
      Indeed, it is.
      I’m blown away recently by the deep flowing presence of it in so many forms, symbolic and literal in my current process.
      Best to you

  1. what a calming, soothing and encouraging post CJ!! thank you for sharing..
    Reminded me of this quote: “In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.” – Lao Zi

  2. Water is very healing and therapeutic and nourishing for me. (Especially if I can be at the beach – but it’s several hours away.) This post helped me feel like I took a short and healing trip to the beach… thank you.

  3. I’m new to your blog, CJ, but I really enjoyed this post.

    Water’s always been a big dream symbol to me: I frequently dream of lakes, oceans, rivers and rain. Sometimes the water is a threat, and other times it’s a healing balm – but it’s so often present.



  4. Thank you lovely ladies. It’s really been a special time lately.Challenging but exciting.

    @Gin, that is so lovely! You’re most welcome.

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