Truth and Light

“…because the immediate expression of our truth releases light and warmth that influences the life we are a part of.”—Mark Nepo

How many times in a day do you deny your truth?

Often when you hear lofty notions like expressing your truth, it seems like the reference is to some larger, grander expression, that you have yet to figure out.

However, what’s true about your truth is that the little daily expressions are the perfect place to start. Maybe the only place.

Do you express when you feel hurt and slighted, or  silently pretend nothing’s wrong for fear of rejection? Do you express when you feel inexplicable joy, or hold it in for fear of looking silly?

The energy expended to keep these truths under wraps wears you down. This hiding of yourself is part of what keeps you tired and disconnected.

Give it a try for a day. Maybe just once in a day. Start with the easy things like happiness or gratitude.

Perhaps your ready to bravely dabble  in expressing something that isn’t to your liking rather than just going along.

Speak it with ownership.

“I feel hurt when…”

“I love that….”

“I prefer this…”

Stating things in this fashion teaches you to own your truth. Feel the difference in giving away your truth to the external:

“You make me so…”

“They really ought to…”

“Maybe we could…”

Fear is the reason we hide our truth. Expressing it is not about confrontation. It is about clarity. It releases fear and builds trust. It often leads to surprising freedom and greater connection to the people who are important to you.

Start a truth practice today. Let me know what you discover.


4 Replies to “Truth and Light”

  1. Lovely. So useful! Most of us just haven’t been taught how to communicate. It’s a skill and can be learned. And when we change our language, we either feel comfortable with the change or it brings up stuff we can examine and release.

    1. No doubt, Sue. Release! I love release.
      Seriously though, it is such a subtle thing, these quiet betrayals we perpetuate when we shrug off what we want to say.

      Thank you both for stopping by.

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