Restoration Part II: Gently and Patiently

Restoration Part II gently removing the layers.As you can see, after some figuring out, nice progress was made on the floor restoration project. The addition of the handy tool snaking its way into the room proved to be the best method for gently removing all materials that were covering the beautiful wood underneath.

Gently uncovering the Soul

In Part I of this series, we were just figuring out how to reveal the hardwood floor in this lovely old space. That tool that’s joined the party is a wallpaper steamer. We tried scraping, picking, and citrus based stripper. These resulted in frustration, floor gouges and splotchy results. We found the most effective method was also the gentlest and required the least effort. The steamer sits there and we come back every few minutes and wipe away the now soggy paper and slippery glue. As you can see, 1/2 the room is uncovered in this picture, and looking much better than the first efforts.

This method for restoring the floor requires the most patience as well. I don’t really have to DO much of anything. I can go work on the rest of the space.

  • Scraping
  • Cleaning
  • Priming
  • Patching
  • Painting

Most of the work is going on underneath that little white rectangle. I get impatient sometimes and go pick and scrape prematurely, thinking I can see faster results by forcing it.

I’ve started the process. I’ve created the best environment (wet and steamy). I’m only required to check in regularly to easily lift away the nasty black paper and gently wash away the stinky residue. But sometimes I just want it to go faster, even if it’s not ready.

Sound familiar?

It’s hard to trust the process, isn’t it? Revealing your soul’s wisdom is similar to this project. Many of the changes start to happen in very invisible ways. You only notice them when you check in and see that something’s been wiped clean. You have a fresh perspective or new way of living.

During the steamy in-between time you might become impatient. You might revert to old habits or decide to scrap it, searching for some shiny life distraction so you can forget the change you want that’s not happening fast enough. You might start to think you were a fool for even trying to restore your true wisdom.

Frustration and fear that it won’t work; excitement when you see the possibility of what’s being revealed: these are all part of the process. Just keep checking in, gently clearing away what is no longer necessary and appreciating what you find when you get down to your deep, wise inner beauty. In between, while you’re going about your business, changes are happening.

I’ll keep you posted on my current restoration project. I’d love to hear about yours.

2 Replies to “Restoration Part II: Gently and Patiently”

  1. It is so true, we can work all we want, however, if all the yuck is still underneath, the struggle will continue. The grace comes, when you know that you know that you are ready. You are ready to leave it behind and start with fresh tools and a deeper understanding of how all the yuck was impacting you. Appreciating all that the yuck represents, but gladly moving beyond it to see the beauty that the future holds. Those old floors still have a lot of life in them and so do we. You go girl!

    1. Hello Sherri! Your comment is the third reference to grace entering our lives I’ve read in the past 15 minutes. knowing when we’re ready requires a special kind of noticing, doesn’t it?

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