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I’m excited to announce I’ll be a presenter this June at a weekend event that’s being put together by my lovely friend and colleague Char! Further details below.

Why am I excited?

Because I’ve never shared my work in quite this way. Because other wonderful women will also be sharing their unique wisdom. Because nothing quite like this has ever happened in Jamestown.

Why might you be excited?

Because some rest sounds like a great idea. Because you’re audacious enough to take the better part of a weekend just for yourself. Or maybe you read that and thought, “Who me? No way.”

I get it. Maybe the thought of investing time and dollars in rejuvenating your energy sounds crazy enough to be frightening. It’s ok, excited can sometimes feel like scared at first.

You need rest periods. Period.

We learned this in kindergarten, right? You had to lay on that mat, even if you didn’t sleep.

While I was baking bread the other day, I was reminded of all the beautiful women I know who are convinced they can’t take rest time for themselves.

When you bake bread, you work the dough to develop the gluten, but you absolutely can’t do it all at once. After a bit of pushing and pulling the gluten tenses up and all you get is push-back and resistance. You have to walk away and just let it sit there. Rushing this process doesn’t work.

Once your dough is ready to be shaped into a baguette or boule, if it starts pushing back at you, refusing to keep it’s shape, you just have to let it…you guessed it; rest some more. Even 3 or 5 minutes is enough if you haven’t pushed it too far. The more you ignore its signals, the longer you have to let it rest. You could keep at it, but it would get stiff and tough and your end result would be disappointing.

Of course, after all of the mindfulness and short rest periods, what do you suppose happens? That dough’s been through a lot. It has to rest again. For way longer than it’s spent working up until now, longer even than it will spend in the oven. All it needs is a cozy cover, a little bit of warmth and time, and it releases and relaxes and raises until the time has come for it to be gently popped into the oven. Even one little poke and it will deflate, needing to rest/raise longer yet. At this point, if you’ve respected the dough’s needs, you will soon have a perfect loaf of bread hot from the oven.

You are all wise and wonderful enough to read between the lines, yes?

Stiff, resistant, tough, tense.

Do any of these adjectives apply to you when you refuse to take time to rest? Do you yearn for, or maybe can’t even remember the last time you had a protracted period of time just for you, with no poking or prodding?

You are even more magical than bread, my darlings, and tolerate way more mishandling, I bet. Doing all the things that make each of us the awesome beings we are must be balanced with time to recharge. You deserve to take time for you.

Details for the BE You Weekend:

Saturday morning, June 11 to Sunday afternoon, June 12 will be filled with activities and learning punctuated with time to be still and rest. You’ll leave renewed; carrying away tools and techniques to continue to take care of yourself better once you’ve returned home. For many of you, it’s an opportunity to work far out on the edge of what you normally will do to nurture yourself.

These hours are meant to be truly away from the pushing and pulling of everyday life, so that you can settle in and BE completely there for yourself. You can find specifics about this event and sign up over here. Details regarding the itinerary will be forthcoming as all the wonderfulness is confirmed.

In addition to my class time during the event, I will be offering private Reiki/healing sessions in conjunction with this weekend, times to be determined.  These may be purchased separately from event registration and booked directly with me. Please reply to this email if you have any questions or are interested in booking a private session.

I’d love it if you’d share the news with women in your circle who may be looking for an opportunity for relaxation and learning. You may forward this email or send them the link to the above event page.

Whether this weekend away works for you or not, know that the above story still applies. If you can’t join us, endeavor to find your own pockets of rest time, away from your day to day routine.

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