Keeping promises: How far do you trust yourself?

Walking in the snow


Sparkling sidewalks paved the way for my walk today. The frost provided a fitting celebratory adornment.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my date with walking.

For the first 90 days, I walked every day. Since then, I have missed very few. I don’t think I’d need to go beyond my 10 fingers to count them.

This does a lot for self trust.

What would it mean if one year from now you could say you kept a promise to yourself? What if you picked one small but important something, and honored it and yourself enough to make a promise.

And a year later, found you had kept it?

How would that change the story of your capabilities? What you deserve? Your ability to trust?

What does it mean if you read this and are convinced you could never?

I believe you could.

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6 Replies to “Keeping promises: How far do you trust yourself?”

  1. CJ, wow this totally spoke to me – keeping promises to ourselves leads to self-trust, of course! It makes sense that others learn to trust us if we keep our promises to them but I never thought of it this way. I promised myself recently to spend a month eating only whole foods, and the next day I ate chocolate! I see why I doubt myself now, I need to build trust by keeping my promises…to myself! Thanks for sharing this wisdom, you’ve given me a lot to think about :)

    1. Thanks ladies!
      Of course Sue. Any day is a good day to start. There was nothing significant about Nov 19th. It was the day it occurred to me.
      Leanne, it is a funny shift of perspective isn’t it? We can say, “Treat yourself like you’d treat a beloved friend.” However that is something that sounds good on paper, but often isn’t truly practiced upon ourselves.

  2. What a lovely promise, CJ. I like the idea of making and keeping a promise to myself (instead of focusing on all the things I’ve considered doing and thinking I need to do *all* of them for it to count ;-))… I think I’ll make my promise to myself that I’ll use my trampoline every morning. I already do most mornings, and I can see the value in making it “official.” Thanks for the inspiration!

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