Happiness Found – Lift Yourself

Happiness found in glittery snow.


I heard happiness found described as “a little lift” earlier this morning.

I heard this shortly after I had felt compelled to just step out on my front stoop and look at the glittering snow. The fact that I was in my pj’s and it was 9 degrees below zero didn’t register. I just needed to drink in the sparkle.

The phrase, and how the person used it, described finding happinesses in all the little things that pass you in a day.

It is one of my favorite things.
I preach it to my clients and friends. (Who I know, in the busy-ness of the mundane, roll their eyes and sigh, “Yeah, right CJ.”)

But I tell you truly, the little lift matters. Mindfulness is not a big concept to incorporate as another chore.

It is simplicity itself.


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