How are you going to start?

start the new year rightIt’s once again that time of year when you have a choice. As we slide past the dark of solstice, you can wind down, turn inward and feel where you’re headed in the New Year; shoving off smoothly with a clear picture of where you stand, lovingly headed toward nourishing behaviors that fill you up. Alternatively, you can frenzy your way to January 1 and hit the bandwagon of resolutions to push yourself toward popular goals. How are you going to start this New Year?

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Do It For The Whole You : Start Shining

The uptick in behaviors that on the surface look like magazine brand ‘self-care’ many times aren’t. If you’ve lined up your resolution to-do’s based on fear, worry and self-flagellation, they’re going to be tough to stick with.

  • Fear and punishment=increased anxiety.
  • Increased anxiety=reverting to familiar comforts and behaviors.

Perhaps this year, self care for you looks like a few moments of mindful kindness rather than punishing workouts. Maybe what would feel best would be a commitment to more baths and less freak outs.

Maybe self love and concern does look like a new routine with food or a savings plan; if it truly feels full and nurturing. You’ll know you’re on the right track when what you pursue feels like ease and comfort in your middle; not constriction in your chest or tension in your shoulders when you think about what horror will strike if you don’t follow through this time.

When you go toward what feels good, you naturally shine and more easily follow through.

Yeah, but CJ….it can’t be that easy.

I’m no stranger to the drive to meet outside expectations and fit appearances while ignoring my very real needs.  (I’m better now, thank you.) I understand that going toward what feels good can be so foreign that the very thought creates anxiety. Easy can scare your pants off when you’re used to doing things the hard way. That’s where a helping hand, an easy listener or a supportive practice can help shift that attitude.

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