Full Moon: Own it All

Collage by Chani and Sonya

Tomorrow’s full moon is a potent opportunity to own it all. It calls us to embrace our full self. No shying away from the uncomfortable, the less socially acceptable. For the planetary dance around this full moon, check out the post from Chani Nicholas linked in the image at left.

This moon is deeply supportive of the kind of work I do with clients. We dive deep, satisfied no longer to snack on the shallow nutrition of affirmations and pretending positivity.

We rise again, after swimming in the depths of those things hidden, taking a gasp of air and realizing that peace and positive forward motion are only easy when we are also skilled at breathing easy when we visit our shadows.

Own it all

Take some time this weekend to honor all aspects of your being. Honor when the dark comes up just as much as you would grasp for the light. Trust that dwelling in the duality gives you more effective fuel for living authentically.

For me, this means owning that I’m being pulled ever more swiftly forward in my work as a healer, and I often get fearful and tend to ride with one foot on the brake a little bit (well, depending on the day, maybe a lot).

It means celebrating that I’m striving always to be a more conscious parent and that I can often be a mother with fascist tendencies.

To own it all, I must embrace that I can be overcome to the point of tears by something as simple as cloud formations and  in the same day have my depressive and anxious tendencies render me immobile, convinced that my life is going to shit in varying degrees.

Wisdom for where you are

Acceptance (be very clear, my dear, I did not say resignation) means you take what’s offered and skillfully use it to your advantage. You trust that the shadow parts of your nature have something to teach you, not by mashing them into something that looks glamorous, but experiencing them just as they come, with their inherent beauty.

At times this comes easily and other times you know you’d like to be in a different place, but aren’t sure how to get there. If swimming with your deepness in the shadows sounds compelling, but maybe a bit baffling or scary, then it is the time to seek guidance and support.

If now is the time for you, get in touch. My favorite thing is being the gentle hand at your back while you turn ever more fully toward your wholeness.

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