Exposure I: Indecent




The daily walking post sparked a number of conversations.

It resulted in people finding some clarity and ease around thoughts like this:

“I don’t want to:
    • exercise in a gym
    • walk outside
    • take a yoga class
    • go biking
    • etc. ad nauseum
because I feel so exposed.”

And the related:

“When I’m skinny I can do that.”

If something’s proving useful, I like to dig a little deeper.

Shall we?

What’s behind this thought? What is so indecent about the possibility of someone seeing you merely walking down the street, or god forbid, exercising? I know the logical part of your brain says, “Nothing.”

But, if you enjoy any of these things and are hesitating to do them, not all of you believes your left brain, does it?

In the walking post, I touched on what I used to assume others would think: look at that poor desperate fat girl trying to get thinner. Truth is, that’s what used to cross my mind when I saw a larger person walking outside.

We judge and/or project onto others what we most worry about in ourselves.

The belief that we are indecent if we don’t look a particular way before merely walking out our door to enjoy ourselves is a snippet of what?

“I am not worthy just as I am.”

We’ll talk about shifting that in the next post.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what’s come up for you after reading this.

Let me know what came up for you:

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