Energy Leak: Ego Whispering

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In March we played with how ambivalence  drains our energy. Today I ask you to think about where you receive your primary guidance.

We are trained to obey the ego.

The ego often has us following what we think others want from us, or what is acceptable. It convinces us it will keep us safe.

However, the very things you’re clinging to, in your compliance to the ego, often leave you feeling depleted, removed from yourself and overwhelmed.

  • Be organized.
  • Be disciplined
  • Join the right committee.
  • Wear the right size.
  • Get a respectable job.
  • Have the meal out on time.

What would happen if you improvised on your feet?
What would happen if you heard the call, and just went with it?
If you could still all ego whispering and let the Divine lead?

This is the work we do in the Deep Dive. Re-working who’s the boss; the ego externals, or the deep inner knowing. That is the Divine talking. It is sometimes tricky  and sometimes wildly quick. It is always liberating.

It is a practice, a slow allowing.
Believe it can change everything.

Let go of your strangle hold on what your ego says “perfect” is.
Stop living short of your bliss, complacent in your sadness.
Blessings to you,


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Let me know what came up for you:

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