Develop Your Imagination

cj develop imaginationHow?

First: remember imagination is NOT the same as worry.

Second: don’t make it a big deal. Play with it.

I watch so many of you take a suggestion, and then turn it into a big-deal “should” or “must”.

Just imagine. A couple of minutes a day.

A scenario that figures in happiness and flow.

When you wake up, give a few seconds of imagination to how your day could go.

When you’re driving to work, stop to-do listing for a minute and picture what happiness looks like at work.

When you’re falling asleep imagine without doubt what you’d like your future to hold.

As quick and easy as this read.







P.S. We’ll be exploring this one more in February’s Soul Salon.

Here’s a preview of what I’m including on our topic sheet. Are you on the list?

Let me know what came up for you:

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