Restoration III: Figuring It Out

Finished restorationHere is the finished product.

Is the floor perfect? I think it is.

Is it free from all blemishes? Not in the least.

There are scars and uneven spots and marks from years of wear and old debris. They are part of the character, even while it is fresh and clean with a new coating of polyurethane.

We didn’t know what we were doing really when we started. Mr. Man and I are pretty savvy when it comes to construction, but we had never tackled a nasty, old floor before. We were willing to get down and dirty. We didn’t run, even when it felt impossible. We relied on our general understanding of woodworking. When we weren’t sure what to do we¬†found people that had previous experience with similar projects.

Soul work is very similar. A lot of the time it looks like figuring it out on your own, learning as you go. You are the only one that’s seen the scars and underbelly of the issue up close. However, some of the time, it is easier and goes faster if you enlist the support of someone who’s worked through similar situations, or has expertise in areas different from your own.

In the end, the scuffs and wear are still there, adding richness to your experience. But when you’ve had the courage to dive into restoring your connection with your soul, you remove the old stinky stuff that’s built up, and reveal a gem. You clear away all the debris and what you put back is a clear new perspective. The new beliefs allow the real you to shine through.