Be What You Need

Tosha Silver Be What You Need poem


This poem is from Tosha Silver’s book Outrageous Openness. While I realize that reading it may sound simplistic; just be what you need — it sometimes is the magic key.

I am not meaning to minimize real, day-to-day situations. I know money gets tight, heart’s get broken and schedules get full. It is our choice to dwell in them or continue to focus on who we need to be to live our best life.

When there is constriction, what do you need?

Create the space you need

Literally throw your arms wide for a moment and smile. Our brains respond to the posture of our body. Give yourself more space to breath, to remember that even if today doesn’t look like you wished, it has something offer.

Take a moment of stillness and just drop fear and worry to the bottom of the heap, and let gratitude rise to the top. Picture for yourself, in detail, what it would take to be full of what you need. Really hang out in that vibration. It’s as good a meditation as any.

Feeling alone and like you need connection? Be the person who makes eye contact and smiles. Tired and overwhelmed? Decide to be the person who takes care of you.

Being is the foundation for doing. When you create space in your mind and your life to remember who you want to be, the doing becomes easier. I’ve felt the tightness and worry of, “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”  From there, it can seem like massive change is needed. Trust me the smallest habits, like those described above, can create more gentle and significant change. Get in touch if you’re ready to dive in and starting being what you need and crave consistent, caring support. signature initials       click to get support in being what you need

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