About You

You’re figuring out how to get something you crave.

  • Less worry, more joy
  • Less trying, more ease
  • Less confusion, more authenticity
  • Less mundane, more meaning

You are finished looking outside for the internal fix.

  • Get the raise
  • Drop the weight
  • Pay off that credit card
  • Find the perfect partner

After that true happiness will descend, right? The thing is, you have probably attained enough experiences or things to realize that none of them create sustainable happiness by themselves.

If the inside hole is still gaping, all the achievements or addictions in the world aren’t going to fill it.

You are tired of feeling frustrated. You’ve got changes you want to make, but you haven’t found anything that lines up everything; your spirit, your emotions, your body, so they’re heading in the same direction. If you’re here you’re ready to dive deep and use the wisdom you find to finally stop spinning in the same patterns.

You come willing to:

  • Be open to new perspectives
  • Explore new techniques
  • Connect with your spirit
  • Stop running the same stories and replace them with new ones

You leave with:

  • Less frustration.
  • More self-trust and resilience
  • An increasing ability to feel the feelings and speak truth in real time
  • Confidence in the wisdom you already carry.
  • An ability to squint your eyes a bit and see opportunity in ALL aspects of life.

What this boils down to is freedom and truth. Sometimes that looks like the well advertised “happiness” we’re all too familiar with, but it doesn’t require happiness to feel fulfilled.

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